Aaron Wellsley is the main Protagonist of the Fan comic Silent Hill:Umbra. He also plays a lesser role in the events of Silent Hill:Schism as a Manifestation of himself.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Aaron is a self proclaimed prodigy in the art of Puppetry. He makes his own Marionettes, and stage plays which he shows to the children of the Hope Tower orphanage. He is an introvert with no friends or close family. He was raised primarily by the staff of Hope Tower and since he was 16 he has been living on his own whilst attending high school. He sometimes carries one of his "dolls" with him since he is never satisfied with thier appearances and is constantly making adjustments, even on ones he showcases in his plays. He is a perfectionist and can easily get lost in his work, and becomes agitated when disturbed. He is always seen wearing his green "Neon Girls" hoodie as it is one of the only articles of clothing he owns that has not been cut up for his puppets. At the age of 17 he had a Puppy named Sparks, which died; leaving him an emotional wreck, until he discovered his love for puppets a year later.

Transition into UnderlandEdit

After high school Aaron became more of a shut-in, refusing to go anywhere but the Tower and his house. No one on his street has even seen him for months, most believe he commited suicide. After finishing a puppet one day he hears a farmilliar bark, and followed the sound to a small trail through the woods. following this trail out of curiousity he ended up standing across from Silent Hill, a resort town a few miles from his house, but he had only walked a short path to get there. proceeding after the bark he is suddenly chased by a swarm of moths that lead him farther into the town. Taking shelter in an old chruch he suddenly feels overwhelmed with unknown guilt and passes out. He awakens in Silent Hill woods.