Altair Concepcion






Leon Connor and Earvin Francisco

Civil Status



The eye of time, The eye of illusion, The flames of death


Giant Kunai

Altair Concepcion was a survivor when Lilith took over Silent Hill and let the Otherworld shift take over the peaceful town again and let its people be eaten by monsters. He together with Leon Connor survived for two years because of Lilith's overconfidence that they will die by hunger after two years Earvin Francisco arrived in Silent Hill and knowing what is Earvin's power capable of he led Earvin and Leon to save Earvin's friends and save Silent Hill at the same time.


Altair, despite of his age, has the appearance of a teenage boy. He sports a neck-length hair and wears a protector on his forehead that was a sign of the clan where he came to. He sports a rather "cool looking" eyes that makes him look calm even in the heat of battle. In his right hand he wears gis wedding ring, he wears a long black coat with red clouds as a design. His footwear is like a slipper with a length of a boot.

Personality Edit

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