Araneolus 2

The Araneolus, as seen is Part 2.

The Araneolus is a large monster, original to the Silent Hill: Broken Remnants film. It was created by Dark Alessa, the evil counterpart of Alessa Gillespie, and was appointed as her messanger and executioner.


There are two forms to this creature seen in the film: Male and Female. The first version seen is the Male. Male Araneolus is a tall, strong creature that towers above the characters in the movie. It has sharp teeth, dark and dried skin, gauze covering its eyes and forehead, many white straps and fabrics wrapping around different parts of its body, and a beige-colored garb belted to its waist. It carries a machete with it. Female Araneolus looks similar to the male version, however she has much lighter skin, long hair, a dark military jacket, and is shorter. She is just as quick and as vicious as the male, though.


The Araneolus is volatile and very strong. It can knock open locked doors and easily send someone hurling to the ground. It is extremely hostile and aggressive, often roaring and grunting, and never hesitating to attack. It tends to use a technique of wearing the victim out first and then finishing it off with a final attack from its machete. The creature is not slow, either. It will mow towards its target with speed, bulldozing anything out of its way. 

If in a GameEdit

  • This is just fun fan speculation, purely based off of the Silent Hill: Broken Remnants film, and not off of any genuine Silent Hill game.*

If the Araneolus creatures were to appear in a Silent Hill game, its motives and design would be practically identical. It would be a stalker/punisher type enemy, in the same vein as Pyramid Head. However, both versions of the creature are fast and highly aggressive, so sequences in the game would involve tense chases where the player would probably have to make snap-decisions on how best to avoid its rage.

A particularly effective moment could involve the player being stuck in a long, narrow, winding corridor as the Araneolus pursues. Traps could be used to temporarily stall the monster, but cannot get rid of its presence.

A climactic boss fight with both Male and Female versions would eventually occur in order to finally defeat the monster, where the player would be locked up in a maze of rooms and doors, finding supplies/ammo within cabinets as well as good spots to stop and attack the Araneolus.

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