Blade is a major monster Logan Taylor fights in Silent Hill: Requiem.


Blade's appearance is that of a large and bloody humanoid torso. It has many rusty metal blades protruding from its skin, and its eyes are hollowed out. It appears when Logan enters a sanctuary of The Order, the walls lined with many ceremonial blades, which are torn off the wall when Logan picks up a certain item and sucked into the middle of the room, where Blade rises from the ground. It attacks mainly by swiping its many blades at Logan, but at one point, tried to grab him and pin him down.


Blade represents Logan's father, and the fact that he collected many blades from many countries and many times. This is the reason behind the many blades covering it's body. The reason why it's missing the bottom half of it's body is because of what Logan had said once after his father killed his mother and committed suicide. Logan claimed that his father was "half a man. All body, no soul".