Dale Chalmers

Dale Chalmers.

Dale Chalmers is the protagonist and main character of the Silent Hill fan game, Quiet Falls. A young man on the run, Dale becomes pulled into a series of bizzare, yet familiar events after a mysterious stranger stops him on the road, on the way to Silent Hill.


Not much is known about Dale or his past, besides the fact that he once worked at a hospital as a nurse. Through-out the course of the game, it is highly suggested that Dale is a homosexual, and was disrespected because of it, in a very similar fashion to T.J. Before the events of the game, three unkown individuals have tried to kill Dale by lynching him, however (canonically), Dale managed to escape the terrible fate, and in revenge, murdered his assailants. This act has forced him to go on a run for a day, until one night he runs into T.J. while on the way to Silent Hill.


Dale is not a easily trusting individual, which may be a result of his past experiences of people treating him badly. Usually calm and quiet, with a sense of nobility, he also has a dark side, and will not hesitate to kill upon getting threatened. Whatever tragic experiences he might've had in the past, have resulted in him being very protective of himself, carrying a butterfly knife with him and also a gun in his car.