Demon nurse form 1

The first form, as seen in Part 1

The Demon Nurse is a common monster seen in the Silent Hill: Broken Remnants film. Its motives and movements are similar to that of the video game and movie interpretations. It has two forms and is the main/iconic monster of the movie.


The Demon Nurse in Broken Remnants takes on multiple forms. 

One form wears darker clothes, has a more robust figure, visible hair, and less gauze wrapped around its head. It also seems to walk with a more stiff disposition, keeping its arms in one place while the rest of its body limbers slowly. It is not seen to carry a weapon.

The other form (seen more commonly in the film) wears lighter but bloodier clothes, is very skinny, has no visible face, very little to no hair whatsoever, and has more gauze around its head and even parts of its body. This one moves more freely but has more contorted and jagged movements. It also is seen carrying a dagger with it. 


The first form seems to be more strategic and less violent, as it never directly attacks Eric; it instead startles him. It made appearances in Part 1 and Part 4. This is a special form of Demon Nurse in the film, and is only seen when something big or horrible is about to happen.

The second form is notably more aggressive, as it directly attacks Eric and his friends. It is arguably a dangerous foe, as it also likes to use its dagger that it tends to carry around.