"First I will kill you then your precious, precious girl!"

"YES! Run! Your fear only helps my cause!"

Fear Monger


The fear monger claims he was birthed from the fear of the city's victims, saying himself "since the first outsider came into my town I was born but I could not do anything till the second fool and so I took on a form of their fears and so on and so on; I couldn't do much till after him. It was the first fool's fear that was my womb it was his fear that birthed me."

This would mean he was present in the other games of the franchise however this could just be him trying to scare john


The fear monger is extremely confident in himself and claims he has been the "personal hell of every fool coming to this town." He has no liking of the Order and is even shown slaughtering them though it's unknown if the form he kills them in is the same to what they see. He is the only monster that speaks on an intelligent level and acts on that level.


To John the fear monger appears as a half man half demon as he looks human in almost every way except he as red eyes, sharp teeth and longer fingers with sharp claw like nails. He commonly wears a shredded suit revealing an orange cloth underneath; this represents how John lost his desk job five years ago when he went to jail. If John's actions are to better himself then his suit will slowly be repaired through the game however if the opposite is true the suit will disappear by the end revealing an orange jumpsuit with "John" sewed on the pocket.


Throughout the game he is seen hunting down John's daughter to stop the final reincarnation of god by killing their sacrifice by himself since he is not a member of the Order. He reveals, however, that he use to work as a guardian for them once in another form; he never reveals why he left but its hinted that he was not needed till then as there had been no one coming to Silent Hill. He will kill anyone who gets in his way—he will however not kill John, claiming he has killed enough fathers, leaving orphans. He also says if John goes down the right path he may not have to kill his daughter which is true—if mostly good actions are chosen. It should be noted when he is nearby the screen starts be coming distorted while screams take over the sound. If this lasts for ten seconds without John moving out of the area the screen says John has died but it then shows an animation of him crying on the floor in fetal position. The fear monger then walks up, looks down at John and disappears.

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