Ferma Anne Gaba
Episode 347 Orihime





Civil Status


Blood Type





Silent Hill: Salvation Chapter 1


Studying for college degree


Listening to K-Pop songs. Measuring her vital statistics, Playing Temple Run

Ferma Anne Gaba is a character of Silent Hill: Salvation she together with her boyfriend Randolf Esteban, her friends Rochelle and Anne together with their boyfriends and two more companions who also won the lottery named Cristine and Candace came to Silent Hill and became missing afterwards. Earvin Francisco her friend goes to Silent Hill to find and rescue them to the town's evil and demonic power. She is also one of the maidens needed to revive The God of Silent Hill by exposing her soul to the Otherworld's evil aura for 5 days.


Ferma has been one of the most attractive girls in her high school and even when she entered college because of her striking appearance. Ferma has orange hair that is waist length and she also has a good body figure and lastly she has big breasts a quality in which the boys are really attracted to her. In casual days she wears civilian clothes but she always puts a jacket over it because she wants to hide her big breasts from as this physical quality of her brings misfortunes to her on the road. In school she wears a gray polo shirt over a white blouse with a ribbon and she also wears a gray skirt with high socks the natural school shoes for girls.


Ferma is a very lovable and sweet girl as she is very close to her family and very caring to her boyfriend, Randolf Esteban. Even though Randolf has a little immature, Ferma is always there for him and teaches him how to handle problems in their relationship. Ferma is also a big fan of Korean pop music as she almost memorized almost all of the K-pop groups and she has a ton of their songs in her phone. Ferma is also very friendly as she has a lot of friends in school that she also befriended Earvin whom had only a few friends because of his fierce and antisocial character. Ferma also likes to measure her vital statistics attitude which Earvin teases her for because he thinks that she wants to join a beauty pageant and win a crown but Ferma is just really concerned on how she looks and does not want to gain a very large increase in weight. Ferma is also an addict gamer in Temple Run as she was able to master the game and gain a very high score in the game without breaking a sweat. Earvin was very astounded when she played it in class for one whole period without dying but she did not listen to the lesson anyways.


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