Flint Rembrandt
Age 58
Height Unspecified
Status Alive
Occupation Detective, Homicide Division
Hometown Seattle, Washington
Birth date November 1955
Appearances Silent Hill: Roback's Story
Silent Hill: Hunger Pangs
Silent Hill: Enforced Retirement

Detective Flint Rembrandt is a police detective working in homicide division. He has been chasing Shawn Roback down for months now, believing that he had killed his wife in cold blood (even though her body has never been located). When Shawn suddenly up and leaves town Detective Rembrandt sees it as his trying to flee the scene and escape—with this thought driven deep into him by his potentially-oversuspicious mind he takes off after Roback to keep tabs on him. Unfortunately for him, Roback happens to be heading for Silent Hill and he soon loses sight of Roback in the dense fog of the area. He is not beyond realizing that both Billy Steve and The Scavenger are also criminals, as well.

He carries two handguns on his person, both the Smith & Wesson Model 5906 he uses while on-duty as well as the SIG Sauer P239 he carries while off-duty. While doing this is a big no-no in his precinct, he anticipates problems in apprehending Shawn. If only he knew how right he was…

A Flesh Mimic uses him as its disguise and is encountered by Shawn, where it suddenly frightens him by transforming itself mid-sentence into Long Arm of the Law.


Alice Noel-RobackEdit

Although he never actually got to meet Mrs. Roback, he has worked on the case for some time, and has gained an invested interest in its being solved. With his upcoming retirement rearing its ugly head, he intends to solve this case before turning in his badge. He has seen how the others in Missing Persons and Homicide treat cases, the corrupt lot of them, and something about this case struck a major chord in him.

When he discovers that Alice's husband, Shawn, suddenly left for Maine, he pursued him. He is hell-bent on bringing Alice's abductor/potential murderer to justice, and he believes he has his man in his sights. As such, Rembrandt could be considered Alice's avenging angel, albeit with blinders on.

Henry O'TooleEdit

Shawn RobackEdit

Joseph CoyoteEdit

William StevensEdit


Detective Rembrandt currently is not planned to ever meet the story's main character, Thor Steinbach.

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