Intended victim Thor Steinbach
Average Size 16.4 ft long
197.6 in (5,019 mm) long
Alternate Form Borne from Meat Weasels

Four-Eighty is a night terror that Thor Steinbach encounters when he attempts in vain to return to his vehicle and escape the horrors of Silent Hill.

When he arrives at his car's location, he discovers that a massive number of Meat Weasels have been attracted to the vehicle's residual heat and electrical output, feeding upon it. However, Thor's arrival and sudden reaction startles the nightmare swarm and causes them to react in defense, fusing together and merging with what little remains of the vehicle to form the beast known as Four-Eighty. It is a strange creature, organic yet still in somewhat of a vehicular shape and obviously in incredible pain due to the numerous metal shards throughout the monstrosity gouging through its flesh as it moves about. The headlights have transformed into nearly sightless eyes while the hood has become its mouth, with all of the creatures' innards lying just within. The night terror will attempt to kill Thor, running after him and possessing all of the weight and strength that one would ascribe a 2001 Ford Taurus with.

Unfortunately for Thor, the only way to "kill the car" is to deal severe damage to its innards, which are dangerous to get at as they are placed where its death-dealing mouth is.

When Four-Eighty is finally slain, it thrashes about clumsily, still attempting to get at its intended victim, all the while Meat Weasels are rotting away from its carcass, eventually only leaving a bloody, nasty and gooey rusted and seemingly skeleton of a vehicle. However, while Thor loses his one ticket out of town in this manner he is able to obtain an item he had previously left within it.

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