Guillermo Cemetery
Location Central Silent Hill
People found here Unnamed Protagonist
Nightmares Unspecified
Night Terrors Trapezium

The Guillermo Cemetery is a cemetery that was located in Central Silent Hill in the late 1800s, lying across from Alchemilla Hospital and the Lutheran church, and close to the Cedar Grove Sanitarium. It filled nearly the entire city block between Acadia Road, Canyon Street, Koontz Street, and Midway Avenue, with the only other thing on that block being the Lumber Mill.

Though it was large, the area was eventually filled and when the location was no longer visited it was paved over to make way for a business block. While the government stated that they moved the graves, in truth they were left where they were, and remain under the earth.

Background historyEdit

Not Alone Central 1976 Overlay

An overlay of the 1976 Central Silent Hill map showing where various locations, including Guillermo Cemetery, stood in 1897.

An unnamed individual, after leaving the nearby Cirque du Cauchemar Traveling Menagerie, stumbled into this cemetery in hopes of escape The Gentleman. During this time this individual experienced a phenomenon known as a Flashworld, where the world shifts between the Fog World (known as Purgatoria), the Dark World (known as Abyssmhel), and the real world, seemingly at random. In his attempts to escape the confusion, he was forced through a recently excavated empty grave into a strange, secret chamber beneath, where he was to encounter and do battle with the night terror Trapezium. He eventually found his way out, but continued to be pursued by the Gentleman into the nearby Wax Museum.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The cemetery was named in honor of famed horror film director, Guillermo del Toro, who co-directed Silent Hills.

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