The Hangman is an enemy encountered by Logan Taylor in Silent Hill: Requiem. They are few in number, but they are stronger and more dangerous than other enemies.


Hangmen are some of the more dangerous creatures Logan faces in Silent Hill. It simply looks like a person who hung himself on a rope from the ceiling, and are often bloody and disconfigured as well. They are mobile, but only move by being dragged through the air by the rope they're hung on. The rope itself seems to be tethered to the ceiling but it sort of goes through it, therefore it can move around freely and bring the hangman with it, although at a somewhat slow pace. The Hangman attacks are telepathic, forcing pain and suicidal thoughts into someone in an effort to make them kill themselves. People who don't have strong wills can easily fall victim to this attack. Those who manage to break out will have an opportunity to attack the Hangman to try to prevent it from attacking again, as it has no physical means of attack. It seems that if the rope the Hangman is hung on is cut, then the Hangman immediately dies.

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