Hard Limb Portrait
Hard Limb
Intended victim Thor Steinbach
Average Size Unspecified
Alternate Form Sucking Face

Hard Limbs are spider-like nightmares which are formed from two humanoid figures wrapped up together with a tightened sheet that seems to be made out of some sort of flesh. They appear together in a missionary position at slight angles, using both their hands and feet to form the eight legs. The head is formed from one of the humanoid's which is rolling back as if in ecstasy, yet its face is horribly missing (looking like slightly smushed clay over its eyes; it has no nose). The lower jaw is split and pushed beyond the limits of the skin, extending out from the face and transforming into spider-like fangs. A placental sack emerges from the other humanoid's vaginal area yet forms a huge tumorous sack. This sack is heavy and is usually dragged along, seemingly aiding in the creature's sluggish movements; however upon spotting a foe it lifts this sack and suddenly races forward at frightening speeds, just like a spider. When left alone the jaw bones will click and the two bodies will writhe against each other.

When defending oneself against a Hard Limb, the most vulnerable part of their body is the tumorous sack, especially the underside. The arm limbs can also grapple against melee weapons while the legs can trip up a foe, so one must be careful when encountering one or more of these nasty creatures.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The name of the creatures, "Hard Limb", is intended as a double entendre, keeping with Silent Hill tradition of sexual overtones. It alludes to an erection, and possible priaprism.
  • In terms of design, the Hard Limb represents an "evolution" of its former form, the Sucking Face. Whereas the Sucking Face represents passionate making out, Hard Limbs represent the following act of coitus. The bodies seen in both creatures are feminine in appearance due to their intended victim's personal desires.


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