"We must get that girl out, it's the only way."

-Harold Thompson to his Otherworld companions.

Harold Thompson is the main protagonist of Silent Hill: The Stranger. He is just an ordinary teenager, looking for his hometown. 

SAM 1778

Harold Thompson



Harold’s mother and father met at Silent Hill and he was born there. When Harold turned six, they moved to another town close to Silent Hill. His parents would often take him there during vacations, but they stopped when Harold turned thirteen. This caused Harold to be rebellious of his parents. Harold became obsessed with Silent Hill. Now that Harold is seventeen, he wants to go back to his birth town.

Silent HillEdit

His parents had forbidden him to go to Silent Hill. So one night, Harold attempts to escape his parents and travelled alone to Silent Hill. When he got there, he was surprised to see the place changed and evil engulfed him. Harold got cursed to be forever trapped into the Otherworld of Silent Hill. Now he must find a way to exit this hellish place. Harold is the fifth and last victim of the curse.


Before Harold’s parents stopped taking him to Silent Hill, Harold was a kind boy, who is honest and respectful. Now, he is a careless guy, he can be rude sometimes and rebellious of his parents. He likes to smoke when he feels depressed and troubled. Although the negative traits, he still possess the goodness of when he was a child.


Harold wears a white shirt under a hooded jacket, he wears black pants and running shoes. His hair is black and his eyes are brown.

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