“I don’t know, it feels like I’ve just arrived here yesterday with my friends. Then I went around town and I saw an Old Lady begging me for help. After that, the whole place just got messy and then I met you.”

-Jaize Xavier to Harold Thompson.

Jaize Xavier is a new friend Harold will make while on the Otherworld of Silent Hill

SAM 1793

Jaize Xavier


Before Jaize went to Silent Hill, he was a survival expert. When he was young, he got trapped inside a building caused by an earthquake. He used his survival knowledge to escape danger. He later joined a rescue team to help others in need. His mother is an alcoholic and his father cheats on his mom so he isn't lucky to have a full-functioning family.

Silent HillEdit

Jaize went to Silent Hill at June 6 1996, he was twenty. Four years before he met Harold Thompson on the Otherworld. He came along with some friends, but later he got lost and got into trouble. He was cursed and became the second victim. After he met Harold, he'll realized he'd been trapped for four years on the Otherworld.


Jaize is a fearless man who helps others in need. He is dependable and a good man. He always carries a flashlight with him because he used to be on a rescue team. He's a very friendly guy, but sometimes he is serious.


Jaize is twenty four when he met Harold but his looks did'nt age. He still looked the same back before. Jaize wears a white v-neck shirt, blue jeans and black leather shoes. He wears a watch on his left wrist. His hair color is black and his eyes are blue.

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