Jerry is the human antagonist on Silent Hill: Endless Nightmares


Jerry is a rapist, thief and a murderer. He uses a baseball bat to kill his victims, he was also known as "The Destroyer". He runs away from the cops as far as possible. He spent 5 years on the run, and then he met Viktor , a fellow lawbreaker. They become good friends and became partners in crime. But Jerry is not trust worthy, he bailed on Viktor. As a result, Viktor got caught by the police. Jerry continued to run away from the police, he was never seen again. Rumors are he hid and vanished in the town of Silent Hill...


Jerry is a rude person, He doesnt care about other people, he steals even from the poor. When he was little, he was a loner and he always gets pushed around.

Silent HillEdit

Jerry escaped the cops and decided to hide in the famous Ghost town. Not knowing of the danger that lurks, Jerry becomes more agressive and more unpredictable. When Ennaira came face to face with this man, He immediately took advantage of Ennaira. Ennaira escaped from Jerry, but he still chases Ennaira.


Jerry is a middle-aged man, but he looks more younger than Viktor. He is very hairy. He always bring his bat everywhere with him.


Jerry possesses no monster form like Viktor. Although he has a manifestation of himself as a monster called "The Destroyer" like his alias. He is very dangerous when he is using his baseball bat. 

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