Labyrinth of Self Reflection
Location Lakeside Amusement Park
People found here Thor Steinbach
Memory of Alice
Memory of Felicity
Memory of Lucrecia
Illusions of Shawn, all former playable characters in canon games
Nightmares Flesh Mimic, Thumper, Dawn the Duck, Huey the Horse, Kathy the Kitty, Robbie the Rabbit
Night Terrors Twilit Urge

The Labyrinth of Self Reflection is a house of mirrors exhibit found within the Lakeside Amusement Park in Silent Hill. A maze-like structure, it covers surprisingly large area, although this may in fact be due to the nature of the town itself.

The first known characters to pass into this area are members of the Kreatures Klub motorcycle gang, being chased by the psychopath duo Billy Steve and The Scavenger. Included among them are Dawn Lawson, Huey Yang, Katherine Garavito, and Robert Ridgway. Although the twin psychos kill a few members, these four locate mascot costumes in a employees only section, and dawn then with the hopes of being overlooked -- Dawn in a duck, Huey in a horse, Katherine in a housecat, and Robert in a rabbit. Although this initially succeeds and the killers prepare to leave (with Billy Steve located and taking Dawn's leather jacket), on the way out of the maze the Scavenger is made aware of Huey's presence and viciously beats him to death with his steel pipe. He then takes Huey's jacket for himself and the two chase after Henry O'Toole, another member of the gang, leaving Dawn, Kat, and Robert to their own devices. Henry escapes his tormentors and they too depart, satisfied with their kill count. The remaining three then attempt their own escape but find monsters emerging from seemingly every corner. None of them are able to find the exit before they are all slain.

As Thor Steinbach progressed through the area, it slowly transformed, becoming more and more organic in appearance, seemingly merging with the Devil's Pit. Various scenes are played out in the mirrors, cryptically reminding Thor why exactly he is even there, while others show him individuals he does not know—other souls trapped in Silent Hill, including Alex Shepherd, Harry Mason, Heather Mason, James Sunderland, Murphy Pendleton, and Travis Grady. Reaching the center of the labyrinth, he was faced with Twilit Urge, a monstrous visage of himself.

Various former victims are found littering the floor in areas, having failed to escape. Some appear to have starved and/or half-cannibalized themselves, while a few others are dressed as the amusement park's four mascots: Dawn the Duck, Huey the Horse, Kathy the Kitty, and Robbie the Rabbit, each in varying stages of decay. These four eventually come to life to chase victims however, each carrying a large, rusted and bent up utensil.