Leon Reid is a lawyer whom is the main protagonist of Silent Hill: Burnt Redemption.

Leon Reid





Marital Status





Mr. Reid (father)
Mrs. Reid (mother)
Michael Reid (brother)


Relatively not much is known about Leon's early childhood or his teenaged years at the moment. It was implied that he had a relatively harsh one due to the fact he had an uncaring mother and an abusive father. By the age of 22, he started to study criminal justice and became a lawyer after graduating from law school. Although it's also implied he has a dark past as well.


Leon is shown as a rather easygoing, yet short-tempered man. Usually whenever caught up in tense situations, he would short-fuse instantly and give up even trying at all; he tends have also trusting issues with other people (excluding his brother Michael which he was close to the most). It's possible that this personality has somewhat of a key reminder from his former demeanor in the past.

Silent HillEdit

Leon begun to travel onward to Silent Hill (whilst on vacation) to resolve the legal issues between a divorced couple that lived there. At first, he wanted to arrive there and immediately begin on the case, but suddenly realizes that the town has other plans for him and reasons why he is meant to be there.

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