Loper Silent Hill Portrait
Intended victim Unspecified
Average Size 4ft at the shoulder
Alternate Form Unspecified

Lopers appear as a sort of human/dog hybrid; its limbs and face are vaguely humanoid, while the rest of its head and its overall physiological shaping is more canid in nature. However, its mouth is more doglike combined with aspects of a snake; the cheeks are opened to allow for a wide mouth gape, while the jaw itself unhinges when eating or, strangely, when on the move. When spotting a potential target, they unhinge their jaw and open it as wide as they can while making a sort of wide-mouthed hissing noise (like a whispered "hawwwww").

It then moves in a most frightening way; its body inverts itself like a starfish's stomach, with the back legs shooting up and out of the mouth before planting on the ground again, followed with the arms and head pulling through too, forcing the body inside-out. This causes the head to be upside-down, while the body reformats itself to its original standing position. For the next movement it will thrust its hind legs through its mouth again, followed by its arms and the head again, causing it to be correctly situated once more.

Loper Silent Hill Concept

Concept of a Loper's unique movement style.

Lopers seem completely incapable of slow, precise movements and if they miss their intended mark, they must run off, make a U-turn and return for another attempt. While moving, Lopers make a desperately tired panting and slight grunting, and sound as if they're violently vomiting against their will when their body shifts through itself. When not in motion, a Loper will make monstrous wheezing and panting, like a person who is severely out of breath from too much exertion, to the point where a man would have an extremely dry throat to the point of hurting a lot and having spittle which is extremely sticky and useless.

Behind the scenesEdit

Loper MS Sprite

Lopers as they appear in Monster Space and Dangerous Wilds.

  • The Lopers were designed on April 9th, 2011.
  • Like all or at least most Nightmares of Silent Hill in the fan-made game or games they're planned for, they will go through a transmogrification process upon the conversion from "Purgatoria" (the Fog World) to Otherworld (the Dark World), becoming vastly more dangerous and deadly.
  • As with other monstrous creations by Somarinoa, the Lopers make a cameo appearance in his "simplistic graphics for epic size" RPG game, Monster Space, as well as its fanon-based sequel, Dangerous Wilds.


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