Lucrecia Callahan Base 1
Lucrecia Callahan
Age 29
Height 5' 7"
Status Alive
Occupation Amateur Paranormal Researcher
Hometown Raccoon City
Birth date 1983
Appearances Silent Hill: Devil's Pacifism (novella)
Silent Hill: Devil's Pacifism (video game)
Silent Hill: Home Sweet Home

Lucrecia Callahan is a background character in Silent Hill: Devil's Pacifism (both the novella and the video game versions), and later appears as a secondary character in Silent Hill: Home Sweet Home, with her own, currently unnamed scenario. She also serves as an easter egg of sorts, being a crossover character from the Resident Evil series.




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Thor SteinbachEdit

Lucrecia and Thor recently worked together in Alaska as paranormal researchers. The two share a significant amount of sexual tension, though it has gone unrequited and unacknowledged on both sides. She sees a lot of one of her former roommates in Thor, and is shocked by their tremendous physical similarities, which may actually contribute to her desires somewhat.

When Thor left for Silent Hill without informing neither her nor any of his other fellow researchers, Lucrecia found herself in a confusing predicament. She and Felicity have both become worried as to his disappearance but that is the extent it has gone to thus far.

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Background HistoryEdit


By 2012, 29-year-old Lucrecia had moved to Alaska, where she and her long-time friend Felicity White worked together as amateur paranormal researchers, alongside Thor Steinbach and a few others. Both her and Felicity were left confused as to Thor's sudden and mysterious disappearance, and were left suspicious due to their former experiences in the Midwest.



  • Although it is never talked about and she never revealed it to Thor, her and Felicity actually also have a connection to both Billy Steve and The Scavenger, who are also in Silent Hill at the time of Thor's disappearance. Both inmates met the girls during the Raccoon City Incident but they were not quite as interested in the two as Jared Pennington Wrightsworth III was, instead being interested in little girls and food, respectively.
  • Lucrecia is Somarinoa's most commonly-drawn character.

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Lucrecia is one of Somarinoa's most commonly drawn characters in his massive character arsenal. She was also his late best friend's favorite character of his, and as such she has a sufficient portfolio of images. These can be seen below. This list will grow over time.

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