It's time to send these nightmares back to Hell with a weapon of their own design.
Thor, after acquiring the weapon

The Luger P(arabellum)-08 is the primary firearm used by Thor Steinbach, replacing the Flintlock Pistol, his first firearm he can receive in the video game version of Silent Hill: Devil's Pacifism. It is also one of the only firearms he is able to wield. It can hold 8 rounds over the Flintlock's one, and not only reloads far faster but can be reloaded while moving, unlike the Flintlock; however as a drawback to this is that the P-08 bullets do significantly less damage. A hidden item in the game—the Luger Drum—allows Thor to upgrade the cartridge to hold 32 rounds.

Behind the scenesEdit

The quote by Thor involving the weapon being of "Hell's own design" is a reference to Nazi Germany, where the Luger P-08 was utilized.

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