Silent Hill: Reflections takes the Otherworld in a completely different direction than that of the Silent Hill games and comics. Instead of the Otherworld being another dimension that overlaps the town, the series will focus more on the powers of the town in the early 1900's.


When Thomas experiences his "Otherworld", he is technically not leaving the dimension and entering a new one. He remains in the real world (albeit foggy) and his manifestations overlap, in a way. Thomas may be in the presence of a real person, but see a monster. The other REAL person cannot see what Thomas sees. Eventually, the town will render Thomas unable to distinguish what is real and what isn't.

Concept art of this phenomena will be placed here in time, to give a better understanding.


Symbolism of the "Otherworld" will be given when more details on the plot are given.


  • The Otherworld as it generally appears in the games is featured in Episode One during a nightmare scene. This is the only time this occurs. It's appearance is a light mixture of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3's Otherworlds.