Play Doctor Portrait
Play Doctor
Intended victim Thor Steinbach
Average Size 28" tall (1'4")
Alternate Form Peeper, Helican

Play Doctors are short, stubby-legged, groping-handed creatures resembling young, naked children. Curious and seemingly playful in nature, these mischievous little nightmares waddle about, making seabird-like sounds caused by opening and closing their rusting speculum-like facemask. This facemask is held in place by a weathered leather strap securing it tightly to the head, while two "short handles" extend from the lower front and another "long handle extends back behind the neck. These handle sections are held together by a screw that goes from a short handle, slips uncomfortably underneath the arm and attaches into the long handle on either side, and is tightened firmly with a large bolt. This does not prevent their excited metal-against-metal jabbering when they spot an intended prey or a Nurse-type, which they can often be found around, quietly trying to peek up the Nurse-type's skin dress.

Despite their child-like bodies, they have strangely inhuman eyes, appearing more akin to that of a cephalopod or goat. They also seem to possess humanoid genitalia—however upon closer inspection it appears to be a stinger of some sort, though it seems incapable of functioning, as if not yet matured enough.

Peeper Portrait

The Peeper, a transformed Play Doctor in Abyssmhel

Upon encountering a potential victim, they chitter excitedly and waddle forward, where upon reaching them they will begin to peck at their feet, legs and genitals with their speculum beaks. Unfortunately the beak itself has been banged up over time and so any areas the beak may enter will be that much more uncomfortable for the target.

Upon entrance into the Dark World, a Play Doctor can "mature" into a Peeper. Not only this, but a single even older version known as the Helican has been spotted roaming the Dark World of Silent Hill and since it appears to be simply a more mature version of the Peeper, it is assumed to not be unique and simply rare instead.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Play Doctors were designed on July 26th, 2012.
  • The creator "affectionately" refers to Play Doctors by the nickname "baby Pyramids" due to possessing a pointed mask like the dreaded PHs do. However, Play Doctors were in no way inspired by Pyramid Heads.
  • Like all or at least most Nightmares of Silent Hill in the fan-made game or games they're planned for, they will go through a transmogrification process upon the conversion from "Purgatoria" (the Fog World) to Otherworld (the Dark World), becoming vastly more dangerous and deadly.


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