A Prisoner, as seen in part 3

Prisoner is a creature original to the feature length film, Silent Hill: Broken Remnants. It made its debut appearance in the part 3 Otherworld scene.


The Prisoner's face is covered by a black mask, albeit for one eye that is left uncovered. It has a skinny, female figure with very bloody and dirty clothes, as well as gauze wrapped around parts of its body. It has a large strip of fabric over its chest and shoulders, and holds a wrack of bars in front of its head at all times that it sometimes uses as a weapon. The bars it holds in front of its face as well as the cloth constraining its shoulders symbolize the feeling of being trapped or stuck within your own mind.


Prisoners are an aggressive foe, quick to attack victims with its metal wrack. It attacks by striking the victims very hard with it, or knocking them to the ground with it so they are easier to subdue. Its body, rather than twitching, squirms as it moves. It makes a deep, gurgling noise. It always hides behind anything it can in order to surprise attack its victims. 

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