Provocative Pose Vol. 83 is an adult magazine discovered by Thor Steinbach in the video game version of Devil's Pacifism. It is utilized as one of the game's various memos, and describes a familiar character in more sexual ways than the protagonist himself sees her, and hints that she may not be nearly as innocent as Thor claims or believes her to be.

Visually, the cover (shown in the background of the first page of the note) reveals the publishing date as well as an image of the centerfold bending over forward in a nurse's outfit, about to give someone their temperature. The second page of the note shows two girls in a compromising pose with one another on the left page while the right page is another picture of the girl on the cover, in yet another provocative pose. On the third page of the note, the image is instead of a centerfold of the magazine's focus girl, posing in a straddling position in the backseat of a vehicle.


  • The idea of Alice being the centerfold is a slight reference to the J. Geils Band's song, Centerfold, due to her also being the basis of the Red Savior.

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