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REAL NAME: Reginald Descapada

Gender: Male

Face: Unknown (he's the player, so it's considered he looks like You)

Relationships: Wife, Izabela Descapada

Born: Unknown

Appearances: Lost Member  , Returns

Status: Deceased

Cause of death: Unknown, but was found dead on a staircase in a hall of his own apartment area.

Reginald Descapada is a man we don't know much about. He's meant to be more non specific to the player, so player can actually think, he's him. Reggie doesn't know much about Silent Hill itself, so when he finds out that his wife is missing and it's propably in Silent Hill, he has no fear to pay it a visit. He's strong and confident about finding his wife. Just for her he goes through so much nightmarish delusions that it's almost impossible for a human to imagine, how much power this task gave him.

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