NOTE:THIS STORY TAKES PLACE AFTER SH:DOWNPOUR THE MAIN CHARACTER KNEW JAMES.. THE CHARACTER IN THIS STORY IS YOU... YOU DECIDE WHAT TO DO.. THERE WILL BE CHOICES SO GOOD LUCK...                                                                                      PROLUGE: i was coming.. coming to silent hill i had a friend named james who came to silent hill but never came back after all these years he was still there... the last word he told me that he was going to that town.. he said he was going to find mary she died for three years that time.. but how could she be alive...weird after that he never came back thats the reason i had to go there to find my best friend.. im with a couple of people theres five of us and where gonna find him... but then i saw some girl walking on the road then we crashed i ws knoked out then i woke up..... 


i woke up then i saw nothing but fog everywhere then i shouted "GUYS WHERE ARE YOU HELLOO!!" still nothing i keeped walking till i found a crashed truck but isaw something moving a shadow?... DECIDE A.FOLLOW HER B.DONT FOLLOW HER...A. I TRIED BUT SHE DISSAPIERD INTO DARKNESS B. SHE DISSAPIRED ANYWAYS.. NOTE: THIS DOES NOT AFFECT THE ENDING.. that was weird she was gone into... i don't know but when i came where she was. when i steped one more time a wooden brige appeared out of nowhere i crossed it then it collapsed tthen i saw a sign that says"TO THE DEVILS PIT" they might be there for now.. i made made it to the devils pit then i saw these marks coming from thaht house or the terminal. i came in and i found one of my friends "sarah what are you doing here? oh wait ITS A MIRACLE!!!" SHE RIPLIES "i was hiding from those things out there all of us split up when we saw them they.... they were horrible one of them almost killed me!" something bangs the door i stand up and go to the door but she said "don't open that door!!!... DECIDE A. OPEN THE DOOR B. DON'T OPEN THE DOOR. NOTE: STILL DOES NOT EFECT THE ENDING... B. CONTINUES THE MAIN STORY.. i didin't open it then she told me " barricade it NOW!!!" i barriecaded it then told me" find two tickets so we can get to the other side.... 10 MINUTES LATER.... "found two now let's--" the door bangs harder. "LET'S GO!!! " i said we ran to the ticket booth then got inside the cart and left TO BE CONTINUED... 


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