Silence is a monster set to appear in Silent Hill: Requiem. They are among the most dangerous monsters in Silent Hill, being directly commanded by the Watchers.


Silence resemble Watchers in that they are cloaked in bloody black rags, however their head is revealed, which is vagualy human, with blackened eye sockets and decayed gray skin. They are only seen guarding the hallways of the catacombs under Silent Hill, along with the occasional Watcher.

As their name may suggest, Silence react to sound. They are blind, but they can still move around freely, even without sound. In fact, they hate sound. They are able to detect the smallest noise in an area, and they will move toward the sound, if it is somewhat quiet. If it is loud, they will make a full sprint approach toward the sound. If the victim is something alive, they will grab it with their long hands and hold it up to its face, where it will put a finger to its lips, emitting a shushing sound. Should the thing make another sound, the Silence will impale it with blades that sprout from its back. If the victim desists any sounds, the Silence will place it gently back onto the ground and be on its way. Like Watchers, Silence are impossible to kill, and attempting to do so would only attract their attention, so the best thing to do is simply sneak past, making as little noise as possible so as not to bother them.

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