Something is wrong. Something is happening to the Students of Ever After High. This series will delve into the much darker history of Ever After.



Silent Ever After is a series of multi-fanfiction stories written by the author under the penname Takeshi Ashirogi (aka: Michealfabio, Theotherbackgrounder, Abarekiller, Omeganaruto) and is a crossover ofEver After High and the videogame series "Silent HIll ;" This series will feature canon characters from Ever After High and oc characters. The story is also said to delve into the darker past of the world of Ever After High. The series will also be following the continuity of a mixture between Ever After High books and Ever After High Webisodes. rating is M


Canon charactersEdit

Oc charactersEdit

Monsters Edit

  • Wolf - A creature that attacks Cerise in a tool shed, at first, it is described like a cub, cowering down into the corner of a room. The next we see is it lashing out at Cerise, grown instantly as an adult. Claw marks rips into it's body. The red of its flesh, the white of its bone conflicting with the black of its fur.


Book 1Edit

Chapter 1: Start at the beginning:Edit

A pregnant Cerise Hood finds herself unable to sleep. After an encounter with the "Lady in the Mirror " she finds herself in a strange new place. She has to find out why she is here and how to get home. She walks off into the dense fog.

Chapter 2: After waking up in an abandon village, Cerise finds herself roaming the town...trying to find life. She realizes that she is being hunted by something much larger and scarier. She soon meets "The Purple Haird Child"Edit

Chapter 3: After escaping from darkness, Cerise has found herself in a tool shed of sorts. Inside there is a wolf.

Chapter 4: coming soon

Riddles Edit

Book 1: Edit

  • “The Story must be re-read”
  • “Cast in shadows, you can only read onward…”
  • “Unable to see clearly, it becomes blinded…”


Archive of our own: Edit


book 1 Edit

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