Silent Hill: Abstract

Eli Miyahara is a genius writer, she has wrote lots of very concrete books, the best being; 'Crimson Apothecary'. Now she wants to write, a not only concrete, but real, story based off a horrendous accident. She decides to travel to the resort town, everyone knows quite well, Silent Hill. She expected a few 'out of the ordinary' things to happen, but nothing could prepare her for what she was about to take part in.


Eli Miyahara - Protagonist writer.

Micheal Stein - Hobo who knows his way around town.

Scott Jenson - Feminine crossdressing male.

Lulu Bach - A quiet woman who runs constantly.



Wall Feeler - Door-like monster, that can eat you.

Jacket - Humanoid with a stitched face.

Whip - Feline with a whip-like tail.

More coming soon...