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Silent Hill: Endless Nightmares by Harold Tuazon

Silent Hill: Endless Nightmares is a fan fiction in progress. This story is the prequel to Silent Hill: The Stranger. The story is about Ennaira Gomez's past.

Ennaira just turned nineteen and her boyfriend, Marcus, is taking her to Silent Hill. As they went to Silent Hill, they suffered a car accident. It almost killed Marcus while Ennaira passed out in the car. When Ennaira woke up from the crash, she saw a monster dragging Marcus to Silent Hill, she passes out again. She woke up in a Hospital, injured but alive, after she got out, she promised to never go back to Silent Hill. But when she sleeps at night, she haves nightmares. Her body and mind teleports into Silent Hill. When she wakes up, she’s back in her house. Now she must find the way out and the truth to this mysterious happenings.

Silent Hill: Endless Nightmares is set in the year 1979.


Ennaira Gomez- the main protagonist of the story. Ennaira suffers every night from nightmares after the car accident at Silent Hill. Her nightmares turn into reality so she must find a way to survive and get out.

Marcus Silverman- is Ennaira’s boyfriend, he suffered a car crash while trying to avoid hitting a man. He tried to dodge him but he hits the man and crashed into a tree. He was dragged into Silent Hill by this man. His body was never found by the police.

Miriam Gomez- Ennaira’s single mother.

Reno Reeds- Ennaira’s father, her parents are divorced. Her father was abusive and an alcoholic. He hurts Ennaira when she was a child.

Dr. Harrison- Ennaira’s doctor.

Sylvia Reese- Ennaira’s friend.

Jerry - is a mysterious man chasing Ennaira in Silent Hill.


Freaks- are humanoid monsters, their arms are joined together and their hands are attached to their face. Their eyes are on their palms, when they glare at people, they become paralyzed.

Infested Belly- they look like a fat man but they got no face. They have a huge rotting belly that has a big hole with maggots. They throw the maggots at their foes to feed on them.

Headache- are floating heads. They head butt their enemies when they get closer.

Snappers- looks like crocodiles except more scarier. Their bodies are full of bloody bondages. They tackle and bite their prey.

Destroyer- is the antagonist monster of the story. He is the one who dragged Marcus to Silent Hill. He looks like a man with a huge body, he covers his face with a bloody rug. The Destroyer carries a whip with nails and spikes, he likes to whip himself in the back. That explains the wounds and scars.


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Endless Nightmares


Freak poster

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