Silent Hill: Just A Regular Town, Right? Is a fan-fiction story, following the events of Silent Hill 2 The Story follows Dan Adrian, as he makes his way to Silent Hill to face his most horrific fears. Dan is left in a depressed state after many deaths in the family, some having happened in Silent Hill.


Dan Adrian is reading a newspaper when he learns of James Sunderlands death. Dan, still depressed after his only friends death, and the death of many of his family members. He considers suicide, but is "called" to Silent Hill. He tries to board a plane heading to Sheperds Glen, but is caught by security, and pulls out his handgun. He is then forced to stay in Jail for the night. He Later finds a cop in the jailhouse and passes out. When he wakes up, the jailhouse has shifted to the otherworld, where disturbing imagery is very present along with many monsters. He finds a ghost of James Sunderland, who convinces Dan to hurry to Silent hill, and he does. He runs around aimlessly for hours, but finally arrives in Silent Hill.

(The rest of the story has not been completed)


  • Dan Adrian
  • James Sunderland
  • Milica Thomms
  • David
  • Laura