Silent Hill: Memories of the Undying is an upcoming fan-film based upon the video game series by Konami. Currently in pre-production, it has a hopeful 2013 release.

The film deals with 21-year-old college student Ryan Donovan, who is transported to the abandoned town of Silent Hill, Maine after his university is consumed by the Otherworld. Lost in the deserted streets, his only hope for survival rests on finding his brother, Richard, who supposedly died in a housefire three years previously.

SH: MOTU is an unofficial canon to the original story; it will implement characters and plot themes from the main storyline. The movie itself will deal with loss, isolation, and delving into the "darkess" of man's soul.

SH: MOTU is being produced by Tartarus Gate Productions.


Ryan Donovan is left shattered by the loss of his younger brother in a house fire three years previous to the story. Now living in Portland, Maine, Ryan is an introverted college student, with few friends and little in the way of a proactive lifestyle. One day, his school undergoes a horrifying transformation: it is eclipsed in a living darkness. Out of this darkness emerges the visage of his brother, who tells him that all will be rectified. With this declaration, Ryan is knocked unconscious.

And awakens in Silent Hill...