Summary of PlotEdit

A fanfiction that brings us all back to the wonderful world of Silent Hill. It revolves around Heather once again being called to her 'duty' of birthing the Order's god. Combining elements from the other games and parts of the Silent Hill canon, this fanfic should create an air of nostalgia. Published on deviantArt by Paranoid-power, also known as Raakshi.


Main Characters:Edit

Heather Cheryl Mason: Main protagonist of Silent Hill 3, and the main protagonist in Rebirth. She is now nineteen, in college, and has a life. But once again, the Order wants to take that away from her. Jointly, Alessa Gillespie is also a protagonist, but she is not truly seen until later in the story.

Walter Sullivan: Main antagonist of Silent Hill 4: The Room, sub antagonist in Rebirth. He is brought back from 'death' to track Alessa down and bring her back to fulfil her duty. Jointly, Valtiel is also a main character, but- same as Alessa- he is not really known until later.

The Woman in White: The main antagonist in Rebirth. A mysterious woman who has plans to bring forth her god no matter what.

Minor Characters:Edit

Heather's Friends:

  • Amilia: Empathetic and humorous, dresses as if she's going to a job interview every day.
  • Britney: Free-spirited, dresses like a 'punk'.
  • Dana: Very intelligent and likes stories. Dresses casually.

Residents of Silent Hill

  • J.P. Sater: A minor character from Silent Hill: Downpour, again minor in Rebirth. A tour guide for the Devil's Pit, a large natural trench in Silent Hill.
  • 'Monocle Man': A minor character from Silent Hill: Downpour. A conscious monster that resides in the Devil's Pit.


Realms of Existence:

  • The normal world, or 'Overworld' and 'World of the Living'.
  • The Fog world.
  • Alessa's Otherworlds.
  • Walter's Otherworlds.


  • Daisy Villa Apartments
  • Central Square Shopping Center
  • Theater (currently unnamed)
  • Subways
  • Devil's Gulch

(Still under construction)