Room 304 is an upcoming Silent Hill Fan Film, written and directed Alexander Dergousov.


The film starts off with a nameless protagonist waking up in the woods with no memories of recalling who he is or how he got there, eventually making his way to the town of Silent Hill. Soon he finds out that things aren't quite normal, as he encounters various bizzare events while trying to help an individual escape the apartment Room 304.


(More to be written soon).


  • The Shade.
  • The Nightmares.


Room 304 is loosely based on a fan-made flash game of the same name, released on Newgrounds on August 9th of 2010 and made by user Always Straight Sober Joe.

The screenplay for Room 304 was written in 3 days, starting September 6th to 8th of 2012. Shooting of the film began the day the script was finished.

The development of the film has been put on indefinite hold for the moment.


The film is being shot in the cities Riga and Jūrmala of Latvia.

Locations from the games featured in the fan-film include:


(To be written)

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