Chapter 1Edit

Earvin awakened earlier than the expected time of him waking up so instead of going back to sleep he just got up and go down to the church to fix the things needed for the mass later. While fixing he remembered about Ferma and the others going to Silent Hill as a price from a raffle draw, Earvin knowing what happened in Silent Hill years ago because of a letter that he found in an abandoned house that belongs to someone named Travis Grady. Earvin decided to search the other winners of the raffle draw later since it's only three in the morning. After fixing the things Fr. Santos came down and asked why he woke up so early. Earvin then stated again about the Holy Cross on his back bringing a burning sensation on him. Fr. Santos felt that the situation may have something to do with his role as a servant from heaven so he just said to Earvin that to be always alert for enemies in the dark. Earvin got into school early and proceeded to the 3rd floor where he usually spends his free time with his friends talking about stuff except dirty things like sex. Earvin sat down on the table and he look at his watch and he discovered that he was 30 minutes earlier than the usual time they meet so Earvin put out his laptop and turned it on and he used his broadband to freely explore the cyberspace as the internet service of the school limits the websites that the students explore. Earvin browsed through the internet and found the website of the raffle draw in which Ferma, Rochelle and Anne won a vacation to Silent Hill, Earvin was confused of the results of the raffle as the raffle was supposed to be international and each country must have one winner and there are only 5 winners and the other two winners were Cristine Dela Rosa and Candace Tesoro who were both his classmates when he was in high school, especially Cristine as he is still in love to her. Earvin stated to himself "What the hell is happening here? Only five winners but there are more than 10 countries in the whole world . I think someone is going to do something nasty" Jasper arrived and saw that Earvin is thinking deeply about something again he tapped his friend and said "Yo! you're overthinking again how many times do i tell you not to take small infractions seriously?" Earvin then replied "You know i would do that if the problem is not a thing to be really concerned about but another story" Earvin showed Jasper the anomalies he found about the rules and mechanics of the game and how it contradicts the results of the raffle then Jasper said " Earvin i think they may have made last minute changes but considering it's a raffle promo i should have watched it at the news actually i don't even know about that raffle" Earvin was shocked that the promo was not even reported on any television channels then Earvin said to himself that someone might be pulling the strings and if someone is is he is thinking as to what is the motives of that person. Lunchtime and Earvin together with Jasper and Jedd they go to the lounge as the food from the school canteen is more expensive there Earvin wants to search more in the website but he was shocked that the site has been abolished and it is only now an internet space for sale. Earvin's phone rang and when he saw that it was Rochelle who is calling him he quickly answered and Rochelle quickly said "Earvin we're already here in USA we're gonna stay in a hotel tonight and tomorrow we'll go to begin our vacation here in Silent Hill by the way Ferma and Anne would like to say hello, by the way how are you?" Earvin then said that he is just fine and he'll be going home after eating lunch. Rochelle then said "By the way Earvin i've already met Cristine the one you were always telling me, she said that you should change your attitude and we talked about you while in the plane. Ok we'll be going now Bye" Earvin then quicky disconnected the phone and he became more confused because Rochelle and the others seems fine and it looks like their visas have been accepted meaning the raffle was indeed true. Earvin who is still confused leave the school and went home along the way he felt a very familiar spiritual presence and no doubt about it was John. John of some sorts is Earvin's guardian angel and messenger at the same time as John always tells him if there is an evil spirit on the loss and if other elemental beings are causing mayhem to human lives so he could solve the problem. Earvin said "What do we have now?" John's face became serious which Earvin became confuse the John said "Earvin prepare yourself for you are gonna face a very great evil that could destroy this entire world if not stopped" then John dissapeared in a mist. Earvin became threatened of John's warning to him as John was never like that before especially on how John's voice warned him as if the world is gonna be a living hell if he didn't succeed. Earvin arrived at his home and when he approached the table he saw the dinner already on the table with a letter from Fr. Santos that he will be gone for two days because of emergency purposes Earvin put the letter in the drawer as this was not the first time that Fr. Santos left him alone because last year he was left alone for 1 week but Fr. Santos always makes sure that there is enough food for him in times that he is going to be gone for a long time. Earvin after eating and washing the plates changed his clothes and watched the news and he saw a man who became crazy after he went to Silent Hill in which he worried so he called some of his high school friends and got Cristine and Candace's phone number from them and he said "In case something happens....." then Earvin got to sleep before ten in the evening.

Chapter 2Edit

Earvin wakes up but this time he didn't have to fix the church since Fr. Santos is gone and all the churches are temporarily closed because of the summit meeting of all priest nationwide. Earvin then went down the stairs and eat his breakfast slowly as he has no need to hurry now since he has no cleaning obligations to the church for the time being. When Earvin was on his way to school the tattoo of the Holy Cross on his back gave him a very painful and burning sensation that he dropped to the ground and clutch himself luckily his childhood friend Ramon was also on his way to school when he saw Earvin on the ground and almost screaming in pain. Ramon helped Earvin get up and as they walk Ramon ask Earvin what is really happening to him. Earvin said "The Holy Cross has been giving me this very painful and burning sensations since last week it's never happened to me in the past in wonder why now" then Ramon just kept quiet and asked him if it still hurts and Earvin says that it still very painful like earlier then as Ramon and he continued walking Earvin is still thinking as to why the Holy Cross on his back has been giving him these pain and then John's warning flashed in his mind and he concluded that John's warning about a great evil has something to do with the Holy Cross' strange behavior. As they are going near the jeepney terminal the painful sensation from the cross vanished and Earvin thanked Ramon for helping him and he said that they'll be seeing each other later for some chat. 

Earvin arrived in school at the usual time he arrives although he left his earlier, the pain from the cross slowed his movements but it's better since he would not be bored when he sat because his friends are there for a nice little chat. Earvin arrived with all of his friends and he found out that he is the one been waiting for so they can start their chat. Paul Mejia opened their topic about love and of all the topics Earvin doesn't really want to talk about it so his friends started to ask him tricky questions. Then Paul Mejia knowing Earvin's weakness on the topic and how to trick him into answering his true feelings asked Earvin "Do you love, and still love Rochelle Santayana?" Earvin was stuttering when he is answering the questions and the whole group including Paul wanted to know the answer then Jasper said "Come on tell the truth we won't say it to anybody" Earvin sighed and said "Yeah i love her and everyday that is coming by i'm falling more in love with her, you guys happy now?" Everybody was amazed and shocked by his answer that some of them jumped from their seats and Nelsares howled and laughed because of how Earvin answered the question. Earvin interruptted their enjoyment by saying Rochelle already had a someone already in Bicol and it was John De Vera then Paul interrupted "So that's why you're giving up? Bro it's still up to her to who will she choose between you and her boyfriend. Bro you can still change how things are going to be" then Earvin replied in a serious manner "Look Paul she already had someone and i think she is happy with him and besides it's not on my principles to achieve happiness while someone suffered for me to achieve that happiness". Then Earvin stood up and leave the group and as he is making his entrance to the library he saw Patrick and he said that he overheard the conversation and  that Earvin was a noble and a good man to make sacrifices like that. On the group's place Paul whispered to Nelsares "Man, Earvin's noble and righteous principles will only bring him pain in the future."

Rochelle and the others already began their vacation on Silent Hill. Rochelle was standing on the corner when Cristine showed up and asked her if she is feeling alright. Rochelle answered in a happy manner that she is fine and she is just thinking about the lessons that she missed on school then Cristine said that all of them will be missing their own lessons but they need to enjoy this vacation with their special ones and maybe grow further in love with each other. Then Cristine asked "Is Earvin still getting into brawls and street fights?" Rochelle then replied that Earvin is not getting into street fights anymore and that he is more approachable now and people say that Earvin's fierce demeanor decreased. Cristine smiled and said that maybe Earvin is too good in fighting that he isn't getting any physical signs that he is still hooked up in street fighting. John called the both of them and they approached the picnic as it was beginning. The couples were having a wonderful time when Anne heard something that sounded like an alarm and she asked the others if they could also hear it and they said that they could hear it. Candace was afraid while Fred is hugging and calming her. Mark said that there must be a fire in town but Randolf questioned him that there is no smoke in the last few minutes and they were uphill so they would clearly see if a fire is happening in town. Then the group got scared when they noticed that the sky was slowly getting darker and darker. Candace and Ferma started crying as Rochelle and the other girls were hugged by their boyfriends. They became more terrified when the placed itself is changing the lush and green nature is stripped and the remnants dissipates into the air as they saw that it's getting pitch dark and they could not see. John and the others find their bags by feeling them with their hands while the girls are not moving even an inch because of fear that something may grabbed them if they move. When the flashlights were on they saw that everything changed the green forest suddenly became brown and the air's fresh smell became polluted as if they are smelling rotten and dead people. The group moved to get some help but as they are moving out of the summit of the mountains, Rochelle stepped on something that is very slimy and when John directed his flashlight the girls all screamed and the boys gasp when they saw that Rochelle just stepped on an open and tore body of a human corpse with some of it's flesh still intact and fresh, Rochelle and the other girls almost burst to tears and then John said to himself "Jesus what is going on in this place?" At that instant they all fell asleep because some men from behind them knock them off by hitting a piece of wood on their backs. The men inside a hood carried Rochelle and the other girls while they tied up and leave the boys on the ground and as Rochelle was getting carried away her phone accidentally dropped on the ground.

Earvin just got home when the cross resonated on his back but this time it did not have a burning sensation on his back but rather it wants to tell him something but it continued resonating and after a minute it stopped. Earvin thought that the cross is making fun of him. As his favorite show "Oggy and the Cockroaches" ended he stepped up to his room and as he close his eyes he remembers Rochelle and the others and decides to call them. As the phone was ringing Earvin was a little worried and when he is already connected to the phone he said "Hey Rochelle how ya doing?" but he heard no response instead he heard shouts and screams of agony that seems to be male in voice and after a while he heard the shouts and screams slowly getting lower in intensity and he slowly heard noises of munchings of flesh and howls and snarls of animals in the background this made Earvin get shocked and he
Ichigo Runs from Tsukishima

Earvin as he ran because of fear and desperation

 ran outside his house and as he ran his emotions are getting mix and his fear that they may all be dead get's worst that he unknowingly used his enhanced abilities to past through the city in just 5 minutes and at the border he got hit by a truck which cause him to flew away and crash in a close convience store nearby. The driver got out of his truck as he thinks he hit something that it flew to the store. In the rubbles where Earvin crashed the rubbles exploded and a white spherical shining light flew from the rubbles up to the sky. Earvin woke up inside the sphere and John greeted him "Earvin you made one kind of a mess back there" Earvin knew it was John's voice and he said to that he needs to get to Silent Hill to save his friends. John calmed him down by saying that is were they are going and he better be prepared as he will face the evil he had warned him the other day. John said that a barrier is protecting and shielding the town of it's true condition but he can destroy that barrier and from then on he said that Earvin will be by himself. Earvin made no complaint as he always liked working alone and as they get nearer to Silent Hill he can sense the barrier's evil aura he was astonished of it's evil potency as it's the first time he was able to feel that level of evil aura. John knowing what Earvin felt said to him "It'll be worst once you get inside the town remember don't hold back your power this time, this ones is very different from all the petty spirits you fought." Once John's Holy Sphere was able to crash the barrier he accompanied Earvin down and then left him instantly. Earvin saw that he was in a resort entrance and he could feel a very powerful all over the place as he walks toward the entrance the Holy Cross on his back shined and a giant sword appeared instantly on his hand.

Chapter 3Edit

Earvin continued walking through the resort as he is halfway to the summit where, along the way, evil beings are lurking, Earvin found a cabin and when he get inside he found the baggage of Rochelle and the others and he found out that it was unaffected by the transformation of the town and it did not turn into rotten and rusty things. Earvin disregarded the idea of peeking through Rochelle and Cristine's baggage to know if he can find something related to their true feelings for him and he got out of the cabin and continued walking through the forest to reach the summit. Earvin is walking through the forest when he sense that an enemy is approaching him and it is waiting for him to drop his guard, Earvin not even threatened by the attack continued walking like nothing is happening around him. In an instant the creature jumped from the thick forest and as the creature were about to land on Earvin, the creature was cut in half and the one who cut it was Earvin with his eyes close the creature dropped behind him and when he looked at it he saw that it has two heads with razor sharp fangs and little horns. Earvin remembered the howls and screams together with the munchings and he knew that this was the creature responsible for the killings he had heard on the phone. Earvin continued walking and reached the summit, he smelled rotten flesh all around the field. Earvin knew that there are dead people there who had been eaten and he expected horrific sightings as he walked where the smell is coming from. Earvin approach the bodies and when he looked down to see it his mind went out in concentration and his aura sensing became hazy for a minute as he saw the dead and eaten bodies of Mark, Fred, John, Randolf and Christopher on the ground with their torsos torn open and their heads have been mutilated. Earvin started to shed tears and cry as he failed to get on time and he thought that the same fate happened to Rochelle and the others. The creatures who were hiding in the forest started to approach him in a fast pace knewing that Earvin was already off-guard. Earvin, because of his enhanced senses, sensed that the creatures are already aprroaching him and as he slowly stood up and readies and the three creatures are already on the air and will be pouncing him at any moment, Earvin shouted "YOU WILL ALL GONNA PAY FOR THIS!!!!" the creatures were slashed into half and instead of the remains dropping to the ground, the remains completely vanished in the air. Another one ran into him and he just slashed it effortlessly with the remains vanishing into thin air. The fifth one is on his back and ready to pounce at him when a gunshot from the thick forest and the creature dropped into the ground. Earvin approached the creature's remains and slash it once more and it's remains vanish into air. Earvin sensing no evil from the two people who seems to be humans on the thick forest he allowed them to approach them to approach him.

Nero the leader of the hooded men who took Rochelle and the others have arrived on an abandoned house together with his group they were greeted by another hooded figure and let them enter. Nero approached a door and press a button inside a vase after a moment an elevator arrived and lead them down into a tunnel where they continued walking and as they were halfway through the tunnel, Nero saw Raptor approaching the opposite direction and he asked him on why he is bringing a battalion of men with him and Raptor in a pissed off voice replied "Someone from the outside broke the barrier and entered here and what made Lady Lilith scared is that she felt a holy power as the barrier was broken and the aura of existence of some of the Twin Cannibals who ate the boyfriends of those maidens dissapeared, so we are now going there in the resort to find and kill the trespasser"  Nero whose face went a little bothered by the happening said to Raptor that he should succeed in his mission or he is gonna his head in the throne room if he fails and Nero's group started walking again for the throne room while Raptor's group started to walk for the resort to eliminate the trespasser. Nero opened the door to the throne room and walked nearer to the woman seating on the throne seat and Nero said "Lady Lilith here are the five maidens to be sacrificed to revive our God" 

Mai (1)

Lilith smiling for Nero's success

Lilith smiled and congratulated Nero for his job well done and she ordered the girls be taken to their quarters for the meantime as they make preparations for the ceremony as it will take five days for their souls to be corrupted by the evil aura of the place to enable them to be sacrifice. 

Earvin with his new companions Altair Concepcion and Leon Connor walk through the forest to their hideout as he joined them to rescue his friends anyway. Earvin was relieve to know that Rochelle and the others are not dead yet and was kidnapped by the members of some devil cult called The Order for unknown reasons. Earvin reach their camp already and he was shocked not because it was big but because it was also unaffected by the town's mutation. Altair said that they'll be explaining why it looks normal after they got a bit of a rest inside. Inside the building was also normal and it had a natural home setting on the first floor as it had a television set, electric fans and sofas and a typical kitchen. Leon told him to get a rest at the second floor and choose any of the six rooms left. Earvin got into his room and opened Rochelle's phone that he got on the summit grounds when they are leaving for the base. Earvin look through Rochelle's phone and found conversations between her and boyfriend and he discovered that their relationship is going awry and they just use the opportunity in coming here to fix and save their relationship Earvin continued browsing and he suprisingly found a picture of him on Rochelle's phone. 

Earvin's photo on Rochelle's phone

Earvin then remembered the day when Rochelle took this photo with his phone so he concluded that Rochelle might have send his picture to her phone before returning it to him as he was busy talking with a friend after the picture was taken so he didn't get his phone right away. Earvin felt a little happy after knowing that he was an important to someone already and especially to the girl he loves and with the reason that he is important not because of his power and role as a warrior sent from heaven but he is important because of what he is. Leon opened the door and called to Earvin to get down to the second floor as they will start discussing on how will they attack Lilith and destroy The Order to rescue his friends and escape in Silent Hill. Earvin got down on the first floor and he saw Altair and Leon on the center table with a map and some food on the ground. Altair greeted Earvin with a "So is the room ok?" Earvin said it was fine and it's a miracle that they always keep it clean even though they are busy defending this place. Leon said that it was hard to keep defend and clean the stronghold at first place since in the past, Lilith's men have relentlessly attacking them but after a while and with constant record of Leon and Altair always winning in the end they lie-low and maybe waiting for them to be off-guard for a suprise attack. Altair lead the discussion with a story that matches with his hypothesis and it took him a while to remember since it was a story told him by his grandmother. Altair said that it was the legend of the God of Silent Hill and it is not a good story to begin with, Leon replied that stories about Silent Hill have never been good from the start. Altair started the story "When Silent Hill was just a rural state and the town has not yet been established. A man named Sanctus created The Order to praise the image of their God and almost everyone joined the Order and those that did not join were either killed or some escaped and leave Silent Hill. After a while Sanctus found a scroll hidden beneath a dungeon when they were burying some tresspassers outside the state and the what is written in the scroll was a ritual to revive a deity, Sanctus assumed that it was their God so he followed what was written in the scroll first was to massacre unbelievers and pile the bodies on a pit so Sanctus ordered his henchmen and killed half the population of Brahms, a rural state beside Silent Hill and it was not a sneaky attack but an ambush in the night luckily some have escaped and some have hid on secret parts of their houses. next is five maidens must be sacrificed and each one must be put in a proper position north east, west, south and the last must be put in the middle in a elevated place and below is the pile of dead bodies of unbelievers so Sanctus did all this but a knight from heaven arrived and killed Sanctus and The Order and ultimately prevented the ressurection of the God of Silent Hill" Then Leon said that "So what's your point?" Altair said that the five maidens that were kidnapped by The Order on this time maybe sacrifices to revive The God but Leon argued as to where they will find bodies of unbelievers then it flashed to Leon's mind that the townspeople have been eaten by the monsters and he said that he understand the legend and Lilith's true goal. Earvin hearing of the possible outcome if he failed stood up his eyes shining a bright blue and his body's outline is being covered with a blue aura and then he said "Lilith i won't let you get away with THIS!!!" Altair and Leon's eyes cannot believe what they saw but kept their calm and leave the stronghold to begin their mission. They travelled in the east side where the road entrance to Silent Hill was the resort was already outside Silent Hill but only a few meters away from the town's respective boundary so it still affected by Lilith's power. Earvin and the others reached the concerete road and they rest for 15 minutes on small tent they found on the roadside with Earvin on the guard for coming enemies.

After 15 minutes, Earvin and the others started walking towards the town and as they approached the gate they sense that someone is coming and instead of hiding they just keep walking forward but Earvin noted that it was a human being. Altair concluded that they might bump into some members of The Order and they might get information as to where Lilith's hideout is and what do they plan with the girls. Earvin said that Lilith might have felt his presence when he entered but could not find him so she sent her dogs to look for him. Leon agreed saying "Lilith can feel all beings in this place by her powers but it seems she could not feel you when you got down here but i wonder why?". As Altair wants to tell the reason a group of hooded men blocked their path carrying weapons like axes and some wield guns. Then the guy in the middle said "Long time no see Altair and Leon" . Altair and Leon recognized the voice and told Earvin that the guy in the middle is named Raptor then Leon said to Earvin "Don't worry he is a douchebag we can handle him and his group" Raptor smiled and signaled the other men who were hiding in buildings and pointed their guns at Earvin's group. Earvin stepped forward and looked at Raptor, Raptor asked him "Who the hell are you?" Earvin replied in a confident manner "I'm the one who broke your barrier a while ago and i was th'e one who sent those Twin Cannibals back to Hell" Raptor and all his men laughed at Earvin, then Raptor said that how could a child like Earvin could break a powerful psychokinetic barrier made from a scroll from their and kill ravenous monster without a weapon then Raptor mocked him saying "Kid don't tell me that you use your fist to beat those monsters or the truth is you ran into the woods and get saved by those two idiots there." Earvin then looked Altair and Leon and knowing what would Earvin do Altair and Leon stepped five steps backward from him. Then slowly the wind grew stronger and Raptor's group were shocked that the wind is coming from Earvin himself. The Holy Cross on Earvin's back shined and Earvin is getting wrapped in a blue bright aura and after a minute the aura exploded and the surrounding bulidings got torn down and the soldiers inside it jumped from the building. Raptor could not believe what he can see that he fell and knelt with fear of what they are about to face.


Earvin transform in his Holy Warrior mode

As the smoke cleared Raptor saw that Earvin's clothes have changed and is now holding a big sword. Altair who was behind whispered to himself "Just as i thought, This kid is the 11th Archangel." Leon heard him and said "So he was true all along" Altair asked Leon if he knows about Earvin's true identiy. Leon replied and said that he only heard stories about him from his father who was a archaeologist and excavated a prophecy about Earvin. Raptor whose mind is hazy of what he saw ordered his men to shoot Earvin then all of his men shooted Earvin and those carrying melee weapons came at him with full force. Earvin who wasn't even moving and his face shows no fear nor nervous swing his sword and dissapeared, Leon and Altair's face went into a shock as they saw that Earvin was gone and they couldn't follow his movements then suddenly half of Raptor's men layed down unconscious and it Altair saw that the men who layed unconscious have shallow cuts but enough to make them fully unconscious for two hours straight. Raptor who is cowering in fear shouted his men to shoot Earvin but this time Earvin effortlessly deflected their bullets with a single swing from his sword and dissapeared again. Raptor was shock when he saw that his remaining men were cutted down unconscious and when he looked behind him and saw Earvin looking at him with a scary face. Earvin lifted Raptor by pulling his shirt upward and said "Where is Cristine and the other girls. WHERE HAVE YOU TOOK THEM?" Raptor laughed and said "You think i'll tell you where we hid the maidens to be sacrificed to resurrect God!? I don't think so!? Get lost brat" Then Raptor spitted at Earvin's face, Earvin removed the spit and looked at Raptor furiously and he said that he hated people who spits in his face the most as he readies to cut Raptor by his sword to completely kill him but Leon intervened and he showed Earvin a potion that forces a person to tell the truth. Altair said "Truth Serum? I thought we ran out of chemicals to make another one?" Leon looked at him and smiled "Actually i hid this last one in case we will have a BIG chance to escape in here and it looks like it's time to use this one last serum we got". Leon forcefully opened Raptor's mouth and he said "This one is good for douchebag bitches like you Raptor" then Leon closed Raptor's mouth and forced him to swallow it after a minute Earvin questioned Raptor again as to where they hid Cristine and the other girls then Raptor who was fighting the serum answered in a stuterring voice that Cristine and the others was taken into the mountains at the other side of the town and Earvin asked him to when will the sacrifice ritual begin Raptor replied that it will take place five days from now after their bodies have become accustomed to Silent Hill's evil aura that the dark part of their souls have become unknowingly stronger that they are now suitable sacrifices to revive The God of Silent Hill. After hearing this Earvin put Raptor down and said to Leon that Raptor's life is on his hands now but he also stated to never touch the minions so they could have a second chance to return to their normal lives. In truth Altair and Leon disagreed with Earvin's decision but they realized that Earvin can kill them if they decided to attack their group again so Leon shot Raptor with his desert eagle handgun in the head twice to ensure that Raptor is truly dead. Earvin and his group started walking again and when they got in a intersection, Earvin sensed a source of evil coming but it's strange that it's emiting and sharing it's evil aura somewhere and the biggest suprise is it's below on where they stand. Earvin told this to Altair and Leon. Altair then thought that one of the altars of the sacrifice ritual is in there and destroying it will dramatically decrease Lilith's power of control over the area and it will also prevent the revival of their God so Earvin followed the aura he is sensing and they got up to Alchemilla Hospital which is the West side of town. Earvin told Altair that he is sensing the aura inside there so Leon concluded that the altar is under a tunnel from the hospital to the intersection road.

Chapter 4Edit

Earvin then alerted the others that a horde of monsters are headed their way. Leon concluded that the explosion from Earvin's transformation attracted a horde to come in there direction then they heard barks in the distance and some Twin Cannibal shrieks which is mixing with barks giving the noise a very scary tone. Altair hearing the monsters said "Oh shit man!, Not those dogs again!!". Earvin asked Altair as to why he is annoyed with the monsters that are in the form of dogs then Leon answered that the dogs are called "Cerberus of Lilith" and like the Twin Cannibals they are also many in number but more dangerous since they are very hard to kill and to escape from is the reason why they hate having confrontations with the Cerberus of Lilith's then a horde of three headed dogs appeared from the highway when they view it with their flashflights. The Cerberus along with the Cannibals are running towards Earvin. Earvin reacted by drawing his shurikens and before throwing it infused with spiritual power to obliterate and purify the creatures. Earvin threw it and he used his hands to control the shurikens suprsingly, some of the Cerberus have intelligence that some dodge the shurikens. This feat impressed Earvin and got more serious in using the shuriken while Altair and Leon are shooting those who get nearer to them by a M-16 rifle. Altair and Leon shouted "Take THIS YOU BASTARDS!!!" as slowly they get advantage over the horde of creatures Earvin sensed a very high concentration of evil aura nearby and it seems it's coming to them Earvin then quickly alerted Altair and Leon to get inside the hospital and to the shock of the two they are hearing a very noisy clanging and sound like a metal is being forcefully pulled from the cement Altair and Leon together with Earvin ran to the hospital as they shoot the remaining Cerberus of Lilith and the Twin Cannibal's that are following them. When they got to the hospital they quickly closed the door and made a barricade to temporarily stop the creatures from following and ran to the elevator to their luck the elevator worked but only until they reached the underground ward 1st floor. When they got out of the elevator Leon said that there are three more floors before they arrive on the tunnel and he said that they reacted to his warning because they know the monster he sensed. Altair interrupted and said that it's called "Doom" since it all kills it's enemies with a very large spiked-club like hammer and eats the prey afterwards, Earvin said that he could handle the monster if he uses more power in his current state but he doesn't want to waste and saving Rochelle and the others as also defeating Lilith and preventing the revival of The God of The Order is of utmost importance.


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