Silent Hill: Twilight is a fanfiction game in the Silent Hill series. It features combat like Downpour but with a larger focus on the more traditional aspects of the series and less action-orientated gameplay. It is also features two player characters instead of one.


The game begins with a cutscene explaining the backstory of the main characters, Henry Dewell who is haunted by his suppressed homosexual desires and an unusual childhood, and Myra Bandon a former stripper whose father died of cancer. They both end up in the town of Blackwood near Silent Hill, and at the tip of "The Unholy Triangle", a formation of towns in an are of latent supernatural power. Here in this town, reality shifts between the normal (our world), the twilight (a dream-like achromatic world) and the other (a twisted dark world) realms. As they explore things about their past become apparent.

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