Silent Hill Recurring Nightmare is a reboot of the story Silent Hill Untold Nightmare, which was cancelled.


Derek Langston, a nurse, goes on a road trip to visit his girlfriend, who is a student at Charlston University, in West Virginia. He cuts through Silent Hill, hoping to cut some time off of his trip. He's attacked by a strange creature in a gas station, which he calls a Face Guy. He is saved by Landon, an old man who has experience with the monsters of Silent Hill. Landon gives Derek a tire iron, and directions out of town. Derek makes his way to a man-hole, to move into the next district of the town. Before he can reach it, he escapes a horde of Face Guys, and runs into a church, where he finds a gun, and a Doll Girl. He is pulled, by an unknown entity, into one of the many Otherworlds. He navigates the mysterious place, going through the memories of a local bag boy, each door leading to another location of the memory. 

More plot to be added soon.

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