Sparks is a supporting character in the Fanfiction Silent Hill:Umbra. He was once the pet of Aaron until he was found dead, apparently from drowning.


Sparks is an American Foxhound, a breed adept at sniffing out foxes. He was purchased from Garlands pet Shop by Aaron after he moved into his new apartment. Life was good, at first. Aaron was a shut in with not many friends so most of his attention went to Sparks, but during the winter months Aaron lost his job for a brief period which made him have to choose between either his or him and the dogs survival. In a selfish act he chose himself. He locked Sparks in a secret passageway inside the Hope Tower where no one ventured and left him there. Once the blight ended and Aaron got a new job he went back to get Sparks, only to find him dead. This shook Aaron to the very core and he blamed himself for the the animals fate. But as time went on he regained his state of mind and soon forgot the dog.

After deathEdit

Sparks' body was hid in the ground along with all of its toys, and its leash. It stayed there for 3 years until the events of Umbra where it apparently dug itself out from this grave. It immediataly ran to Aaron, following the scent of his "Neon girls" hoodie and found him. But instead of rejoining with its old owner it suddenly picked up a scent of a fox, and ran after it barking all the way. Aaron followed and the two entered a Forest area with a glowing yellow path (that only Sparks could see)