Sucking Face Portrait
Sucking Face
Intended victim Thor Steinbach
Average Size Slightly over Human height
Alternate Form Hard Limb

Sucking Faces are lithe writhing nightmares with a body reminiscent of two attractive females making out, obviously twisted to the borderline of recognizability. The two faces have become attached at the lips and are now stretched to the breaking point as they struggle against it. The body on the left seems to want to remove itself from the situation, often struggling with its upper half writhing about while the body on the right seems too impassioned to care, moving into it as if attempting to continue the kiss.

While four arms appear to exist, only one is actually usable by the monster: This one arm is free to strike out at victims, though it seems to do so in an almost desperate manner as if seeking something to grab onto to help pull itself free from the fleshy entanglement. The other three arms are fused into the body, with one hand wrapped around the head of the other side, and the others' two hands supporting the middle of the back and the lifted leg of the other. The hands are enlarged and the fingers elongated on each of these, though the three attached hands have their digits sink into the flesh of the rest of the body, their ends ending uncertainly amongst the confusion of the rest of the contorting form.

Hard Limb Portrait

The Hard Limb, a transformed Sucking Face in Otherworld

Like many other nightmares, Sucking Faces have legs that seem to fade to black as if charred from standing in the fires of Hell itself. Only three of the creatures four legs are actually capable of touching the floor and each of these three end in a sort of organic platform high heel; the forth limb appears relatively regular.

Walking is a bit of a stagger, as none of the limbs actually face forward, causing the creature to essentially be side-stepping. The awkwardness of two beings attempting to step in unison when tied to one another is also obvious, and they have trouble with it, though not enough to significantly hinder them in their attempts to lash out.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Sucking Faces were designed on June 10th, 2012.
  • Like all or at least most Nightmares of Silent Hill in the fan-made game or games they're planned for, they will go through a transmogrification process upon the conversion from "Purgatoria" (the Fog World) to Otherworld (the Dark World), becoming vastly more dangerous and deadly.


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