Dagger 1

The dagger, as seen in Part 4, as Eric went to pick it up.

The Dagger of the Order is a weapon/artifact seen in the BHM Productions fan movie, Silent Hill: Broken Remnants. It made significant appearances in every part of the movie, except for part 1.


The dagger appears to be a very sharp, small blade with a golden hilt. The handle of the dagger is missing, showing its age and amount of usage. The straightness and sharpness of the blade signify a ritualistic value to the blade, rather than it just being a weapon.


The Dagger of the Order made significant appearances in parts 2, 3, and 4 of the movie. It was shown in the hands of several users; Demon Nurses, Eric, and an ambiguous scene of someone dropping it during a ritual involving flames.

The dagger, as its name implies, was the valued ritualistic weapon of the Silent Hill cult, The Order. It was used by them during witch-killings; they would first burn the "witch" with fire and then stab her burnt corpse in the heart to seal off her evil power. However, during the burning of Alessa Gillespie, the hilt was broken off by Alessa's mental influence (just before she spread the fire and burned the building down).

The dagger, in present time during the movie, is seen in the hands of the Demon Nurses. In part 2, the nurse that contorts out of a box swipes the blade at Eric, only for him to realize it was a hallucination. In part 3, while Eric is exploring the Otherworld, two demon nurses carrying the blade ambush him and almost slice him as he runs away.
Dagger 2

The Demon Nurse carrying the blade in Part 3.

In part 4, an unseen force tosses the dagger to Eric. He grabs it and decides to utilize it as a weapon. He uses it to defend against the Araneolus and then later attempts to fight his evil counterpart Terri Bradshaw with it.

How It Would Be Seen In-GameEdit

If The Dagger of the Order were to be seen in an actual Silent Hill game, it could be used as both a puzzle solver and a weapon.

As a puzzle solver, there could be a moment where the blade is needed to cut away at a fleshy mass blocking a path in the game (due to its "ritualistic" powers).

As a weapon, the dagger would be fast and easy to use, as well as powerful thanks to its sharp cutting edge. However, it would be offset by a short reach due to the handle being absent.

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