The Void is a darker, more dangerous area of the Otherworld in Silent Hill: Requiem.


The Void is darker, and much more dangerous version of the normal Otherworld. It takes on an appearance based on a person's darkest emotions, but usually always had a blood red hue and paths leading off into nothingness. It can be viewed as an area suspended over a deep, pitch black void, hence the name. The Void is the only path that leads to The Truth, and thus is heavily protected by monsters, more often than not much more hostile and dangerous than before.


The Void is located deep within a person's subconscious. The only way to enter The Void is for a person to look deep enough inside themselves by venturing deep into the Otherworld and facing their inner demons. Somewhere in The Void is a door that leads to The Truth.


  • The Void is partially based off Hell Descent from Silent Hill: Homecoming in its appearance, however it is darker and much more dangerous than that.