Twilit Urge
Intended victim Thor Steinbach
Average Size Constantly shifting
Alternate Form Is a self reflection of Thor Steinbach

Twilit Urge is a night terror that Thor Steinbach encounters in the Labyrinth of Self Reflection, a house of mirrors section of the Lakeside Amusement Park of Silent Hill.

Although mostly a shapeless, looming mass, one can differentiate what appears to be a large amount of hair as well as an overly tall top hat upon the monstrosity's head. Although normally all black, should it open its eyes and its mouth, these are pure white—so pure white, in fact, that it blinds anyone who dares stare into its face.

He appears earlier than the battle he is fought in, to those who are particularly observant. If one pays attention, he can be seen leering over the battle against both Soft Touch and Leg Caress.


  • Defeating him in the game awards the player the "Down With The Sickness" achievement/trophy.

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