Underland is another Otherworld like place that characters are trapped inside during the events of Schism, Umbra, and Infection. It serves as a place of torment for people who have committed sins unto themselves or others. This otherworld is ruled by a Malicious Queen that lures her victims farther into the world with promises of treasure and adventure.


Underland like the Silent hill otherworlds can either be visually appealing to the victim or gruesome and dark. The world is connected by thin wire-like fibers, similar to the strings used to control Marionettes. If the right conditions are met (the "Death" of Alice) the world can take on the appearance of the victim's home town or residence. The world itself is a blank canvass, populated specifically for each individual victim. Aaron's Underland is lush and green, while Piper's is a dark wasteland. The creatures encountered by each victim are also catered specifically for them. If one is to defeat the Queen the world will return to its base canvass state, a version of the Nowhere area from Silent hill.