so since this is the sh fandom wiki, i thought that i would post some fan stuff. This is about the events after sh2 with James, Laura and some new characters that i made up. Even some dead characters will make a return...the title is...."Silent Hill: Just A Regular Town, Right?" I know, sounds stupid... and now here I go.


Dan was reading the news paper. "James Sunderland, Found Dead In Touluca Lake" He just read on, getting sucked into this story about this guy. "Frank Sunderland, Father of James, is refusing to talk about his son's sudden death. Mary Sheperd-Sunderland, James wife, went missing shortly before, and was found with James, in his car at the bottom of the lake. Police are suspecting that James killed his wife, and then commited suicide, however, they are not sure, as Mary had a terrible disease, Harlequin Ichthyosis, and was slowly dying. See more on pg. 16"

"Touluca Lake?" Dan said to himself, "That's in Silent Hill...." He had heard stories about that place before. They were terrible stories. When he was younger his friends told him gave him nightmares. They were about terrible deaths, and curses. It's amazing that that place was such a huge tourist attraction.

Dan lived alone, in a dumpy old apartment. He was a artist, a photographer. He dreamed of Moving out and suddenly becoming rich and famous.. He knew that would never happen. He just sat around, waiting for something to happen, staring at the tv. He felt like his life was pointless. Nothing ever happened. He rarley went out of his room, only going out to buy food. The other occupants didn't even know he existed.

Dan had shaggy brown hair, it was starting to get long, but he didn't bother cutting it. He had green eyes and was about 6 feet tall. He was 23 and lets face it- not the best looking. He needed glasses but like all other things, he pushed it away "For now".

All these Stories about Silent Hill got him thinking about his old roomate, Milica. She was from Silent Hill, and passed away a few years ago. It Destroyed Dan. They were incredibly close, and Dan actually got shit done when she was around. He sighed.


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