Huh. Just noticed that when Silent Hill: Just A Regular Town, Right? Spells SH JARTR...weird. I found that annoying, so now it's SH: JART! YAY!


Dan was left alone, with that weird cops car. He looked inside of it. It was unlocked.

He saw another gun and ammo for it in a box on the leather seat. Something was etched in this one, too. But this one didn't say Jack Thomms, no, It said "For Linda Thomms". Dan knew that that had to be that cops name. The gun was a pistol, nothing special. Linda had taken her shotgun and Dans other handgun, so Dan took this one. He easily recognized it as a

He looked around some more inside the car, also taking a hunting knife and some more ammo for the gun. He also saw a flashlight. "Might as well take it."

Dan walked away from the car, heading back into town. Silent Hill. He was clutching the gun with is cold, wet hands. He had slipped them out of the cuffs a few minutes ago, always carrying a lock-pick with him. "Hello."

It was James.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"Eh. I just always know where you are." James sounded almost sad, over dramatic even. "You have realised I am not alive, right?"

"Yeah. I know. But why are you here, am I nuts? Am I really just talking to air? Or what?"

James was gone. Dan sighed, "Ah, fu%# it."

He slowly walked in the dirt covered streets, through the thick fog, back into Silent Hill.


The radio spat static again. Dan turned it off. He didn't care about the monsters. He walked past them, getting smacked and hit. He didn't care the slightest bit. At least not until something else showed up. It was another monster, marginally bigger than all the other noose looking monsters, It looked completly different.

It's face was wrapped in bandages, dripping with blood. From what Dan could see, it's face was quite deformed, with only a hole in the side of his head, possibly an "ear". This thing was scary, it made Dan stop in his tracks.

"Holy crap."

Shfan135 00:40, March 10, 2012 (UTC)

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