"Silent Hill. I can't belive i came to Silent Hill cause a dead guy told me to. But he promised Milica was here." Muttered Dan, "Where are you?" He kicked the dirt on the side of the road, feeling isolated and alone. Noone else was there, just fog....Dan felt so scared...Silent Hill was a strange place. He felt like someone-or something was watching him. He felt scared even with a shotgun clutched in his cold hands.

He looked at the shotgun,

"Model no. 147 .90 for Jack Thomms"

Was etched in the side. "Jack Thomms? That's Milicas brother...What the hell..?" He was would a shotgun that Jack used be in a jailhouse? He also didn't know how he was even in Silent Hill. He forgot how he got here. It was like the Town wanted him to be there.....He didn't bother thinking about that right now.

He was cold. His clothes were soaking wet and the wind wasn't helping, either...

The radio started spewing static out....He knew something bad was going to happen....He aimed his shotgun and looked around, but nothing was there. The radio stopped....

All of a sudden cold arms wrapped around his neck, choking him with great force. He struggled trying to whip the arms away, but struggling only made it worse. He was running out of breath. He gasped for air, but he was going down anyways. He squeezed out one more word, "Help..."


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