PART FIVE: Help Me Someone

as you can see, I have named this post "Help Me Someone". and from now on, all of the Silent Hill: Just A Regular Town, Right? will have proper titles. :D

"HELP ME!" Dan cried, "HELP ME! SOMEONE!" as he woke up, In a bowling alley, "This whole town...this whole town has gone to hell! HELP!" No one was there, and he should have stopped, but he kept screaming. The alley was dark, but he could see alright. Dust was floating in the air, and Dan was coughing because of it. He was allergic to dust, and it was terrible in small spaces like this place. He heard the door close behind him, and he swiftly turned around and aimed the shotgun, "Who is there?"

"Calm down, jailbird." He knew that voice. It was the cop from the jailhouse, "Why are YOU here?" Dan commanded, "Get the fu-"

"Ah. Barking orders and swearing at me isn't gonna stop me from arresting you again." She had inturrepted him, and this made Dan angrier. "You aren't doing that. No. I'm going home." He was about to add 'If you can call it home', but that was not needed. "....And you are resisting arrest now. You are really smart" She said, sarcasticly. She pointed her gun at him, "Turn around, hands behind your back, and give me that shotgun. That's my cousins, and he will kill me if I don't give it back"


Dan did not follow her orders, "Jack Thomms is your cousin?"

"Put the gun down, and hands behind your back."

"How the hell does that work. I never met you. Huh."

"I'm not going to tell you again. Put your hands behind your back."

"How did I not meet you?"


"Wait wait wait. Did you know Milica?"

"Enough chit-chat. Put your freaking arms behind your back, or I shoot."

That was enough for Dan. "Fine." He handed the gun over and put his hands behind his back. He felt a cold, tight clasp. She was handcuffing him. "F@#& you." He said, struggling in the cuffs. "...Help me."

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