"Hell is going on."

-Viktor to Harold Thompson

Viktor is the antagonist on Silent Hill: The Stranger.

SAM 1805



Before the Otherworld events, Viktor was a criminal, a murderer. He killed three people in his lifetime, all innocent. In his house, you will find all sorts of things about flies. He's so obsessed with flies, he keeps some as pet. Wen Viktor was a child, he was afraid of spiders and he carried it into adulthood. Viktor has a partner in crime, Jerry, who uses baseball bats to kill people. Viktor got caught and jailed for life, but that wasn't enough punishment. He now suffers in the Otherworld of Silent Hill.


Viktor can be pretty intimidating, he's clever and smart. When Viktor speaks, he looks very serious, but actually he's a liar.

Silent HillEdit

Viktor lives in Silent Hill. All his victims live in Silent Hill. When Viktor was on the Otherworld, he tricked Harold that he is an ally. He told Harold how to break his curse, but he only plans on killing them and Ennaira.


SAM 1807

Viktor in his monster form

Viktor is a bald middle aged man in his 40's. He wears jail uniform, his eyes are black. Viktor's monster form looks like a hairless oversized gorilla. He wears a rusty metal mask with two holes and metal plates on his arms. His upper body is huge, capable of lifting and crushing unimaginable things. His lower body is his weakpoint because it remains in human form.


Viktor can lift a full-sized human with ease and throw them far away. His vision is limited because his mask has two tiny holes. He moves slow but he has great strength. Viktor can crush anyone who stands in his way.

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