Watchers are a monster featured in Silent Hill: Requiem. Although very few in number, they are probably the most dangerous non boss monster Logan Taylor faces in Silent Hill. The only way to survive against the Watchers are to hide or run. They command the Silence, and are sometimes seen patrolling with them in the catacombs under Silent Hill.


The Watchers resemble tall humanoud figures wrapped in dark hooded cloaks that conceal any traces of flesh. They walk slowly and most often emit low and quiet moans, signaling their presence. They're manner of attack is the most dangerous out of all monsters, as simply staring at it will cause a person's sanity to drain, and if the Watcher is also maintaining direct eye contact, hallicinatory episodes may occur to the point that a victim may be incapacitated or even killed by insanity. Furthermore, Watchers cannot be killed, and the only way to combat them is to either hide or run, making sure to not look at them and making sure not to be seen or caught.


  • They are in part based on the Gatherers in Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

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